How do I place a order?

On Shop page, scroll down to look at items for sale on website. Double click on items photo and it will take that item to Cart for check out. You should be able to return to shopping or proceed to Checkout.

Please do not leave items in cart for they are one of a kind. Unless you have contact me and we have made arrangements Carts will be emptied and considered abandon.


Thank you for understanding.  


Returns and Refunds

Sorry, you can not return a Pearl, because you do not like the color, or because it is not perfectly round, or has a dimple in it.

Earrings, Pearls are not identical in color or size. So be aware of that before you buy any earrings.

We try to give you information on each item, that can be seen as you shop. It gives a breakdown of what you are getting.

I know there will be special reasons for a return. Please message me and let me know our situation. We will get it worked out.

Thank you!